This is How the Bakersfield Bail Bondsman Can Help You

Bail is that amount determined by the courts that a defendant has to pay so that he or she can be released prior to his trial. A bail bondsman in Bakersfield can provide bail bonds for defendants who may be facing criminal charges in California to be released from jail prior to and pending the hearing of his case.

The importance of this cannot be underscored enough. Studies have shown that a defendant who remains in jail pending trial is more likely to be found guilty and to be meted out a longer sentence by the courts. This is why the Bakersfield bail bondsmen have made it our business to provide our clients with fast, reliable, and speedy service. The goal is to secure your release in the soonest possible time.

It is possible that the reason why defendants who remain incarcerated pending trial seem to suffer more during the trial itself compared to those who are out on bail is because a person in jail is less likely to have the proper opportunities to prepare for his defense. Being charged with a criminal case can be confusing and traumatic for many individuals, and this can severely compromise one’s capacity for making intelligent and rational decisions. Compound that with the physical and psychological impact of being detained in a jail, and no wonder defendants have not done so well when their court dates come.

Even when a defendant is granted bail by the courts, they still face the obstacle of not having enough money to pay for their bail. Even when they turn to friends and family, what money they are able to raise may not be enough. A bail bonds agent can help by acting as surety for the defendant in exchange for a minimal percentage of the total bail amount. This amount is usually set at 10 percent, though it depends upon state law. In most cases, however, the percentage is determined by law, so be wary of anybody offering you bail bond services for lesser than the statutory amount.

Licensed bail agents like the Bakersfield bail bondsman are allowed by the courts to post surety on behalf of a defendant in exchange for this fee. This means that after the Bakersfield bail bonds agency pays this fee, you no longer have to pay anything else – so long as you adhere to the conditions of your bail.