Roof Repair And Replacement – 8 Important Pointers

In terms of home ownership, very few things are as important as taking good care of your roof.

Unfortunately, not every homeowner understands the best practices and fundamentals of maintaining a roof, much less about how to handle roof repairs and replacement. Keep reading to learn 8 pointers about all of this so you can handle your home and budget wisely.

1) Make sure that someone looks over your roof annually, at a minimum. For most parts of the country, the most common times to suffer roof damage is winter and spring, so be extra vigilant during these times. Local regions might have other times of year that are dangerous though, so two inspections per year can help you keep up with the condition of your home’s coverage.

2) Never hesitate to replace some of your shingles. You might think it’s wise to hold off on fixing things, but the damage will only get worse, meaning you’ll be more likely to be facing a replacement over repairs. Keeping your roof well-maintained immediately saves you money in the long run.

3) If you do have to pick out a replacement roof type, consider the climate that your home is in. A clay roof in a dry climate might help out with keeping your home cool. On the other hand, clay roofs deteriorate too quickly to be cost-effective if you’re in a rainy climate though. As an example a roofing Mobile Alabama based company did a comparison between clay, shingle and metal roofs and it turns out that climate is #1 concern and durability is the runner up.

4) Be sure that any leaks you find are fixed immediately. Not only can leaks worsen the condition of the roof over time, but they can also wreak havoc with the inside of your home.

5) If you do your own work on the roof, be sure you are secured properly at all times. Losing your balance when up there isn’t hard, especially if you don’t go up there regularly. A fall from a roof is something that doesn’t often make the news, and yet it injures or kills many every year.

6) If you’re shopping around for a roof replacement, always ask about warranties that are provided. Your warranty should go a minimum of three years, but hopefully five or more. A good warranty not only incorporates manufacturer warranties but also poor workmanship and even defective materials.

7) Don’t assume that a solo roofer is going to be cheaper than a contractor who has his own team. A group effort can usually finish a roof faster, which means it’s cheaper. A solo roofer might overcharge for labor.

8) Always ask a contractor many questions. Be sure that you know a full roof replacement, if they recommend one, is actually necessary and what you need rather than what they want since they can make more money.

If you’re like the majority of homeowners, then you understand just how crucial it is to have a solid roof over your head. However, many homeowners don’t know the first thing about roof repairs or replacement. Having read this article, these 8 pointers about the topic should put you firmly in the educated category of enlightened homeowners.

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The Gold Mania

Gold has been a very sought after precious metal for multiple centuries. Just think about the gold rush that happened in the United States, there’s even a show that’s called that where people spend their days looking for gold while digging through dirt.

Personally, I didn’t used to understand why gold is so important to people and why so many of us believe its worth is what it is today, which is over a $1000 an oz.

But why is gold more valuable than for example silver? Silver has lot of uses in areas like welding, medical and manufacturing.

I discovered this video when I was questioning the true worth of gold, be sure to watch it.


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